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to me you’re just absolutely incredible and i seriously mean it, honest to god i’ve never ever met anyone like you, you’re one in a fucking zillion.
there is nobody out of the 7 billion cunts on this earth who could or will ever replace you.
you’re just you.
there are so many ways and words i could use to describe you with and there still wouldn’t be enough ways and words to describe you.
you’re indescribable for all of the right reasons.
you’re my bestfriend and i wouldn’t ever change anything about you, in my eyes, you’re truly perfect.
if only you could see that.
it really is a proper shame because me and so many others see it and i’m sure we always will see it.
i hope you never ever change anything about yourself.
you’re perfect just the way you are.
every little thing about yourself, that all makes you the beautiful human being you are.
i would do anything to prove to you that you really are perfect.
i would do anything to see you smile.
i would do anything to take your pain away and make everything okay for you.
i know you’re strong and i know you can keep hanging in there when things get hard.
i believe in you; i always will.
i will seriously never give up on you.
i’m always here if you ever need me.
thank you for being there for me, really, i pretty much have nobody but you’ve always been there.
i will never go leaving you so don’t you go leaving me. 
i’m afraid of losing you if i’m quite honest, but i hope i never will because quite frankly, i need you
you are one of my inspirations okay.
simply because of all the things you’ve been though and you’re still going.
i seriously adore you.
please smile at least once a day.
it looks incredible on you.
you smile, i smile. 

Remember, you’re perfect.

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I love you.  

Nobody will ever replace you.  

Not in a million, billion, trillion years.
You’re one of a kind.

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I will never give up on you.
I wil never leave you.
I will never lose faith in you.
I’ll be here to help when times are rough.
I’ll be going though it all with you, every step of the way, I’ll be there.

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Chin up lad.  

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